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Kevin Richardson Home in Los Angeles, California
Lady Gaga Home in New York City, New York
Akon Home in Alpharetta, Georgia
LL Cool J Home in Manhasset, New York
David Archuleta Home in Murray, Utah
David Archuleta Former Home in Davie, Florida
Soulja Boy Home in McDonough, Georgia
Dr Dre Home in Woodland Hills, California
Young Jeezy Home in Atlanta, Georgia
Big Boi Condo in Clearwater, Florida
Big Boi Home in Fayetteville, Georgia
Maria Sharapova Home in Longboat Key, Florida
Chris Daughtry Home in Oak Ridge, North Carolina
Shakira Home in Miami Beach, Florida
Eminem Home in Rochester, Michigan
Kyle Boller and Carrie Prejean Home in Del Mar, California
Vannessa Hudgens Home in California
Tom Snyder House in Belvedere, California
Justin Timberlake Former House in Orlando, Florida
Justin Timberlake House in Hollywood Hills California
Beach House with a View in Sydney, Australia
Holiday Christmas Decorations - Holiday House by sfPhotocraft
Extreme Christmas Decorations - The House of Santa Claus by Ravemaster
Extreme Holiday Decorations - holiday lights by dicegirlsnapz
Extreme Holiday Decorations - My Neighbor\'s House by Aaron Landry